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Emerging from COVID-19, North Carolina’s post-pandemic economy is well positioned to expand. We’ve already begun to see the relocation of business, industry and families moving from high density regions like New York, Philadelphia and Chicago to our state. This new influx is in addition to the recent Silicon Valley exodus that helped stimulate population and economic growth in North Carolina’s major metro regions.


North Carolina is at the right place, at the right time, to grow and prosper – with the help of dedicated state, local business, and government leaders who have the vision to ensure the state’s bright future.


We need leadership in our local and state governments, who will work to bring balance between our growing economy, job creation, environmental conservation, a 21st century education system and a way of life that fits a modern and politically balanced North Carolina.

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Carolina Champions was established to support elected leadership who will embrace the challenges of growth and lead our state’s communities with a bold vision, while providing opportunities for economic success and prosperity for future generations.

Our committee and its board of directors will...

We all lose when state and local leaders look in the rear-view mirror.

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Too many people, especially in our cities, want to turn back the clock to the 1970s through an existing progressive effort to pit business and population growth against existing neighborhoods and communities in major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. There is no reason why public policies that embrace smart and balanced growth cannot coexist while protecting our neighborhoods, environment, schools and quality of life.

Our citizens have a long history of progress – through hard work and a dedication to economic success. Carolina Champions will build on that record and offer our citizens leadership that will help fuel a new post-COVID economy. By lifting our state with elected officials who are willing to look to the future with hope – and a promise that with hard work and ingenuity, we can guide our state to a new era of progress and prosperity.

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With any new group, we need to build our base of support with people and resources. We believe that with solid and strong funding, we can accomplish our agenda of educating citizens and others about the value of electing leaders that share our belief that we must look forward and grow in a balanced way.

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Carolina Champions is a 501-C4 non-profit social welfare organization as identified by the Internal Revenue Service.

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Carolina Champions For Growth is a 501-C4 non-profit social welfare organization as identified by the Internal Revenue Service.

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